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2915 S. Ridgeview Way
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

About Anne

“Inspirational, motivating, transparent, a great communicator and a visionary… all while treating people with the upmost respect.” These were a long time colleague’s words chosen to describe Anne as Anne concluded more than 30 years of senior leadership of a statewide social service agency. In 2018 Anne was elected to the South Dakota Hall of Fame for her contributions to the field of human services.

During Anne’s years of senior leadership in the non-profit sector, she had direct experience working with boards of directors, leading teams, developing people and creating a strong culture built on trust and mutual respect. She has also served on a number of non-profit boards and, as chair of her congregation, helped lead and guide major governance reorganization.

Anne is excited to provide executive coaching to leaders and assisting staff and boards in developing capacity to lead their organizations. Her experience with team building, crisis management, staff leadership, agency mergers and leadership transition will serve clients well as they build their organizational culture.


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